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Meerkat Health


Meerkat Health was a hardware-software solution that eases the burden of chronic disease management, specifically that of congestive heart failure (CHF). The overall goal is to reduce preventable Emergency Room visits.


  • Develop a passive weight-monitoring solution that indicates rapid fluid build up, a pre-cursor for a heart failure episode, to trigger early healthcare interventions.

  • Develop a brand that invokes feelings of trust, compassion, and credibility amongst heart failure patients, their caregivers, and health systems.


  • Conducted deep user research on patients, including their pain-points, fears, motivations, at-home care regiments, caregiving structures, financial situations, and comorbidities to create user personas and ideal user journeys

  • Performed market and product analysis of congestive heart failure landscape and existing solutions

  • Designed the app interface and userflows for alerting

  • Prototyped a thin scale that can slip under a bathmat that quietly takes daily weight, only alerting patients when they need to take action

  • Pitched at the AARP Thought Leadership Conference

  • Developed the company's name Meerkat Health, as meerkats are sentinel animals that stand on their back feet to detect early signs of danger

  • Created the company's logo, design system, and mission

  • Built brand assets, including the website and social media platforms

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