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UltraLinq is a B2B, SaaS medical image management platform to enable image viwing, storage, clinical reporting, and workflow facilitation.

UltraLinq's cloud-based Viewer is the most frequently used portion of the web application (70% of sessions). Technicians and clinicians use the viewer to assess, annotate, and measure anatomical parts and abnormalities when diagnosing a patient.


Develop a clinical platform that:

  1. increases information scanability

  2. reduces clinical review time

  3. automates clinical workflows between technicians, specialists, and referring clinicians

  4. works across different clinical exam types


  • Abstracted patient and exam elements to create a modular information framework that can be used across products and exam types

  • Conducted immense user research testing sessions to identify pain points in the workflow and create a roadmap

  • Rebuilt the Viewer in HTML5 (to replace Flash and QuickTime Viewers) to meet modern best-practice standards

  • Created role-based user flows to expedite workflow process for each user type

  • Streamlined the interface by implementing a new design system

  • Added new clinical tools and sunsetted unsed feautures based on extensive user feedback and data analysis

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