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In health tech, the partnership between clinicians and technologists is critical and we need more clinicians involved in building health tech solutions. The first challenge for clinicians is figuring out the different ways to get involved and how tactically to find a company to work with.

Once a clinician actually starts working at or with a startup, they are rarely onboarded enough (if at all) to know the language, processes, operations, and ways to engage to be successful in their roles (note: technologists also need to develop empathy and learn clinical things to meet clinicians half-way, but that is a different course for a different day). 

This lack of onboarding often results in ineffective collaboration, confusion, and friction for all teams involved. 

I created and teach this course to help more clinicians get jobs in health tech and onboard them for a successful ramp-up.


Upon completing this course, the student will:

  • Condense 6-12 months of otherwise self-taught learning into an 8-hour crash course

  • Acquire proficiency in tech language, software product development concepts, processes, systems, and team roles, positioning you as a partner in product development

  • Gain insights into various clinical engagement opportunities, networking essentials, and career paths within health tech startups, empowering you to explore and apply for health tech roles

  • Benefit from firsthand accounts of clinicians sharing their experiences, career paths, and insights into the tech industry, addressing cultural nuances and showcasing how clinical expertise can seamlessly transition into alternative careers (with reduced burnout and increased flexibility)

  • Receive tangible resources, including a Job Searching Guide, product development frameworks, how-to materials, a Tech Acronyms and Definitions Guide, a Tech Tools Guide, and a 90-day Onboarding Plan to support your continued growth.


Day 1: People (role, culture, relationships)

We’ll start by discussing what to expect when joining startups, including the opportunities, challenges, types of clinical roles, and cultural differences. We’ll also cover the roles and responsibilities of different teams within a startup and how they work cross-functionally.

Day 2: Process (strategy, operations, and software concepts)

We’ll talk about how company strategy is created and how it cascades down to project planning level planning. We’ll cover the basics of agile methodology, prioritization and resourcing frameworks, and the basics of software and it’s terminology (i.e. API, UX, frontend, backend, use case, etc.)

Day 3: Product development (overview, deepdive) 

We’ll talk through each stage of the product development process (including the purpose, key tasks, and key deliverables) by applying it to a case study. This will contextualize the different touchpoints to provide clinical feedback and input throughout the process.

Day 4: Job searching and setting yourself up for success

The last class is focused on how to actually start a job search, network, define your role and create a “First 90 days” plan.

You’ll also hear from multiple clinicians throughout the course about their experience working at or with startups and how they transitioned into health tech.


1. “This is literally everything I painstakingly figured out over five years, plus more. Wish this course existed when I first got interested in Health Tech. High ROI knowledge-wise, would absolutely recommend this course.” - Abhishek Agarwal, DO, FAAPMR; Physician and practice owner

2. “Highly recommend Onboarding Clinicians to Tech, you will learn so much so fast! This information is hard to access elsewhere and can really help clinicians better understand tech. Ellen is fantastic at explaining concepts.” - Marisa Perera, PhD; Clinical Psychologist

3. “This is the PERFECT starting course for physicians who want to enter the startup/health tech space. Ellen is very knowledgeable and her experiences that she shares will be of great value. I highly recommend taking her course!“- Kunal Joshi, MD, MBA; Hospital Based Internist/Nocturnist

4. “Ellen's unique ability to simplify complex subjects makes learning not just accessible but genuinely enjoyable. Her methodical approach ensures that even the most intricate topics are easily understood, making this course particularly invaluable for clinicians eager to broaden their knowledge beyond traditional medical practices. 

The course brilliantly balances both synchronous and asynchronous learning, providing flexibility without compromising the depth or quality of the content. It's a high-yield learning experience that enriches understanding and equips you with practical skills and insights. 

One of the highlights of the course was Ellen's real-world examples, illustrating how clinicians can seamlessly transition into roles within technology companies. These segments were not only informative but also incredibly inspiring, offering a clear view of potential career pathways and integrations between healthcare and technology. 

Taking this course sooner would have significantly enriched my professional journey much earlier. Ellen is not just an instructor; she is a mentor whose impact extends beyond the classroom. Whether you're a seasoned clinician or a medical professional curious about intersecting industries, this course is a profound investment in your career. I couldn't recommend it more highly.” - Tina Wu, MD, MBA, ABOM, Emergency Medicine

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