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Workshop Educator + Facilitator

I teach and run working sessions with individuals, teams, and founders on product development (i.e. building roadmaps, agile team operations, managing Product Managers, etc). 

I work as a(n)...

Fractional Product Executive

I operate as an interim or part-time product leader to bridge a gap (i.e. parental leave), determine full-time needs, hire and build out teams, or provide executive level product expertise for smaller or non-existent product teams. Learn more here: Why Fractional Executives Are the Best Investment For Your Business

Product Consultant

I operate as staff-level product manager to accelerate product development, build MVPs, reduce risk, explore new opportunities, and conduct user research.  Learn more here: The Importance of Hiring a Product Management Consultant


I collaborate with a team or individuals to set goals, provide feedback, and help with accountability for the purpose of professional development. Learn more here: 10 Great Reasons To Hire A Business Coach For Yourself


I collaborate with a founder or product leader to brainstorm, bounce ideas, and provide guidance on strategy and product development. Learn more here: 10 Clear Signs You May Need To Hire A Consultant To Help Your Business

I work with...


to define and build MVPs

leadership teams + design agencies

to provide expertise, strategy, and management


to lead new product initiatives or help with staff augmentation


to coach and level-up people's skills


to improve team operations and agile processes




  • Company vision

  • Product vision

  • Product principles

  • Roadmaping

  • Prioritization frameworks

  • Business models

  • Build vs. buy vs. partner

  • OKR Goal Setting

  • KPIs

  • Quarterly planning

Product + Process

  • Researching (user/market/ competition)

  • Problem definition

  • Personas

  • User experience design

  • Mapping user flows and journey

  • User requirements

  • Building MVPs

  • Usability Testing

  • Templates

  • Agile methodology


  • Skill assessments

  • Professional development plans

  • Hiring

  • Coaching

  • Managing

  • Organization structure strategy


  • Patient + Clinician experience design

  • Telehealth

  • Obesity management

  • Hardware-software-service hybrid solutions

  • Chronic disease management

  • Electronic health record (EHR) Systems

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