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I am a health tech product leader based in Brooklyn, NY. ​​


I love to build, learn, and create - products, processes, teams, brands, services, and systems. I also love to teach. Trained as an engineer, I am a curious, creative, and resourceful swiss-army knife of a product human.​


I have...

  • 12+ years of experience building software, hardware, and services for four health tech startups (seed round through Series C) and one medical device company, most recently as Vice President of Product at Candid.


  • led, coached, and managed teams (product, engineering, and cross functional of up to 80 people)​

Green Hills


Mountain Landscape


I believe...

  • "People ignore design that ignores people" - Frank Chimero

  • Good process is invisible

  • Outcomes > output

  • Consumer-grade product experiences set the quality bar

  • Less is more, simplicity is paramount

  • Working with nice humans is nice

  • Overcommunication is communication

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